Boston Volvo Village, Allston, MA

Allston, MA

Boston Volvo Village converted the former New England regional headquarters of International Harvester into its new urban dealership and offices. The five-story, 71,000 square-foot historic Beaux Arts building, constructed in 1925, includes 2,200 square feet of ground-floor retail and 28,000 square feet of transit-oriented office space.

Universal Window supplied the historic replica windows for the renovation, using a combination of their 550 Series Double Hung and 700 Series Steel Replica windows. Universal accessed their library of historic panning profiles to meticulously match the original moulding profiles shown on the old blueprints. The windows were mulled and custom panning was attached in the Marlborough factory. Arched triple-hung units were shipped factory mulled with panning spanning across all three units.

The building features arched windows, highlighted by a fifty-foot bay window opening to the lobby, which includes a dramatic canopy entrance.