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Series 800 Single Hung Series 800 Fixed


  • H C-35 @ 59” x 90”
  • Air Infiltration @ 1.57 psf: .18
  • Water Resistance @ 5.25: No entry
  • Uniform Structural Load: 52.5 psf
  • U-value/Conduction @ 0 mph: .49
  • Condensation Resistance Factor: 50


  • Glass: Low-E, Solar Control, Argon, Tempered, Obscure, Wire or Spandrel
  • Ultra Lift or Block & Tackle Balances
  • Exterior Panning Systems (Square and Colonial types)
  • Interior Trim System
  • Receptor Systems
  • Flange Frame
  • Head Expander and Sill Angle
  • Special Finishes and Custom Architectural Finishes
  • Child Guard and Vandal Screens
  • Internal or External Grids and External Colonial Grids
  • Nail fin


General: Universal’s Series 800 thermal barrier single hung windows are
designed to meet or exceed AAMA performance requirements, both thermally
and structurally, with an AAMA rating of H C-35.

Finish: The standard finish on the Series 800 is an electrostatically applied
baked-on acrylic color finish, with a 5-stage chromate undercoating conforming
to AAMA 603.8 standards. White, black, bronze, green and beige are standard
(see color chart). Other Architect-specified finishes are available upon request at
additional cost.

Material: Aluminum used is commercial quality 6063-T5 alloy with a
minimum ultimate tensile strength of 22,000 psi, free from defects impairing
strength and durability, and with standard wall tolerances as defined in the
Architectural Aluminum Manufacturer’s Association Master Specifications for
Aluminum Windows H C-35. The combination of urethane Thermal Barrier
material as a separater and rigid vinyl adaptors completes the thermal barrier

Frame-Sash: Master frame and sash have dual screwed overlap joints.
Head, sill and jambs of the master frame are designed to receive stacking
condition by way of thermal break mullions. (Note: All metal-to-metal joints
MUST be back-sealed in the field if mulled on site.)

Glazing: Operable sash glazing is a heavy vinyl, wrap-around “Marine”
type, and the dead panel is tape/bead glazed to satisfy a good glazing
condition between metal and glass. The primary glazing is for 7/8” double
glazed, for maximum thermal performance.

Spacer: Quanex's Super Spacer® contains NO-Metal and is one of the most
thermatically efficient IG spacers available today. Super Spacer® reduces
sealant stress while improving heat flow resistance, glass surface temperature,
condensation resistance and sound absorption. Super Spacer® is the only
polymer foam, NO-Metal warm edge spacer.

Screens: The screen channel design of the master frame permits for a halfscreen.
18 x 16 fibergalss mesh is attached to the screen box frame by a spline
lock in the screen channel. Optional “Child Guard” and “Vandal” screening is
available. WARNING: Insect screens are intended to provide reasonable insect
control, and are not intended to provide for the retention of objects or persons
from the interior.

Hardware: The operable sash is balanced with a block-and-tackle balance
installed in the frame jambs. Balances are readily accessible for replacement,
and are pre-adjusted at the factory to provide lift assistance, and hold sash in
any open position based on the weight of glass to be used. Tilt latches to lock
the sash in fully closed position are on the ends of bottom sash. All nylon
hardware is of high quality, weather-resistant material. Heavy duty metal locks
are installed at the center of Lift Rail. Optional spiral balances are available at
no additional cost. When windows are not being used expressly for ventilation,
they must be fully closed and locked. Failure to do so may result in personal
injury or damage to property.

Weatherstripping: The weather seals provided are of polypropylene pile
with fin. Fin weatherstrip is used in combination with bulb or rigid vinyl to
achieve the maximum weather tightness.


  • Ivory
  • White
  • Dark Bronze
  • Hartford Green
  • Black


  • AAMA 2603
  • AAMA 2604 - Superdynapon
  • AAMA 2604 - Kynar
  • AAMA 2605 - Kynar