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Series 600 Projected

Projecting Windows, Architectural / Heavy Commercial


  • AAMA/WDMA/CSA101/1S2/A440-05
  • AP-AW 135, 60 x 36 project out, Uniform structural load: 202.5 psf
  • AP-HC 100, 60 x 32 project out, Uniform structural load: 150 psf
  • AP-AW-135 60x36 project in Uniform structural load 202.5 psf
  • AP-HC 100, 60 x 32 project in, Uniform structural load: 150 psf
  • Life Cycle Test- 1250 total cycles
  • Misuse Test- Torsion, Balance Arm Load and
  • Racking: Meets as stated
  • Water Resistance @ 15 psf: No entry
  • Air infiltration @ 6.24 psf: .10 cfm
  • U value/ conduction @ 0 mph: .51
  • Condensation Resistance Factor: 54


  • Glazing: All types available including Low-E, Soft Coat, Solar Control, Argon,
  • Tempered, Obscure, Wire or Spandrel. Refer to glass specifications.
  • Roto-op or Under-screen Push Bar hardware
  • Exterior Panning Systems (square and colonial types)
  • Interior Trim System
  • Receptor Systems
  • Self-Mulling, I-Mullions or Structural Mullions
  • Flange Frame, Backer Rod Stops, Installation Clips
  • Special finishes and custom Architectural finishes
  • Internal or external Grids


General: All projecting windows are the thermally improved Series P-600 as
manufactured by Universal Window and Door. They Include all necessary
hardware and related items described and shown on the plans.

Material: Aluminum used is heavy commercial quality extruded aluminum
6063-T5 alloy with an internal polyurethane-filled structural thermal barrier.
Frame and sash are designed for inside glazing using snap-in aluminum extruded

Construction: All ventilator corners shall be mitered and reinforced with
extruded keys that are crimped into place. All joints are sealed weathertight.
Corners of frame are closely fitted, butt-jointed and tightly joined by mechanical
means. Ventilator sections will be double weather-stripped, with flexible bulb
seals keyed into extruded grooves.

Hardware: Universal’s ventilator windows incorporate two four-bar, heavy
duty friction hinge assemblies securely fastened to the frame and vent members,
operating in a track provided with an adjustable nylon friction feature that
conceals when closed. Standard locking hardware consists of cam locking handles
cast of white bronze, and secured with stainless steel fasteners. Optional
mechanical operators are available.

Glazing: At frames and vents, all glazing legs are 7/8” high with serrations
on inside surface to secure shimmed butyl glazing tape. Glazing beads are
extruded, snap-in type, no less than .050” and accommodate up to and including
1” glass, panels or louvers.

Screens: The optional screens have extruded aluminum frames securely
joined at the corners, and finish will match that of the window frame. Projected
window frames feature a wicket door as standard. Screen cloth is 18 x 16 mesh
fiberglass standard. WARNING: Insect screens are in-tended to provide
reasonable insect control, and are not intended to provide for the retention of
objects or persons from the interior.

Thermal Barrier: The thermal barrier consists of a two-part, chemically
curing, high strength polyurethane casting resin. This barrier provides a continuous,
uninterrupted break around the entire perimeter of the frame and vent, and
it is not bridged by any metals, conductors or other materials.

Finish: Aluminum surfaces on the Series 600 are undercoated with a 5-stage
chromate pre-treatment, then have an electrostatically applied, baked-on enamel
finish conforming to AAMA 603.8 standards. Standard colors are white, black,
bronze, green and beige. Special colors, architect-specified finishes and anodized
finishes are available at an added cost.

Erection: Window frames must be installed straight, plumb and level without
springing or twisting, and securely fastened in place in accordance with manufacturer
details and appropriate building codes.. Windows are to be caulked with
a suitable compound and using appropriate joint design to accomplish a
thoroughly water-tight installation around the interior and exterior perimeter of
the window frame and wall opening.


  • Ivory
  • White
  • Dark Bronze
  • Hartford Green
  • Black


  • AAMA 2603
  • AAMA 2604 - Superdynapon
  • AAMA 2604 - Kynar
  • AAMA 2605 - Kynar
  • Class 1 Anodize