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Series 550 Double Hung Series 550 Fixed

AW Heavy Commercial


  • H-AW55 @ 60”x99” H-HC65 @ 60”x99” Air
  • Infiltration @ AW 6.24 psf: .20 @ HC 1.57 psf: .10
  • Water Resistance: AW55 @ 11.00 psf HC60 @ 11.00 psf Life Cycle Test
  • Uniform Structural Load: 82.5 psf @ AW55, 97.5 psf @ HC65
  • Forced Entry: Grade 10


  • Glass: Low-E, Solar Control, Argon, Tempered, Obscure, Wire, or Spandrel
  • Ultra Lift or Block & Tackle Balances
  • Exterior Panning Systems (Square and Colonial types)
  • Interior Trim System
  • Receptor Systems
  • Flange Frame
  • Head Expander and Sill Angle
  • Special Finishes and Custom Architectural Finishes
  • Child Guard and Vandal Screens
  • Internal Grids
  • External Grids


General: All aluminum windows furnished as shown in the plans shall conform to
the H-AW55 and H-HC65 specifications in AAMA/WDMA/CSA 101/IS2/A440-05,
and be furnished with all necessary hardware, trim and miscellaneous items as

Material: Aluminum used is commercial quality 6063-T5 alloy with a minimum
ultimate tensile strength of 22,000 psi, free from defects impairing strength and
durability, and with standard wall tolerances as defined in the Architectural
Aluminum Manufacturer’s Association Master Specifications for Aluminum Windows.
All members of the frame and sash shall be split and bridged with a continuous
structural thermal break of high density, low conductivity urethane insulation cavity
fill, with removal of the extrusion cavity bridging aluminum upon curing.

Weatherstripping: Equal to Fin Seal or Virgin Vinyl where called for.
Construction and Operation: Windows are assembled to perform as herein
specified, be neat in appearance and weather tight. All sash and frame members are
firmly joined with mechanical joints using stainless steel screws into integral screw
ports. Each frame corner joint is secured with two screws. Sash corner joints are
completely nested for rigidity and appearance. Meeting rails have mechanical
interlocks, and the horizontal rails of the upper and lower sashes have extruded
handles for operating the sashes. When windows are not being expressly used for
ventilation, they must be fully closed and locked. Failure to do so may result in
personal injury or damage to property. All windows have “hospital sills”, permitting
raising the lower sash approx. 1 1/4” with no daylight opening at sill. Sashes are tilt
type for easy cleaning. Top sashes have “Anti-Creep” latch.

Glazing: Sashes are glazed with 1” sealed insulated glass, using “Float Glass”
quality, and be constructed to allow field replacement of glazing material. Glazing is
“Marine” type wrap around vinyl gasket, and without re-movable beads or glazing
compound. Insulated glass is in compliance with ASTM E 773-83 AN E 744-74AClass

Spacer: Quanex's Super Spacer® contains NO-Metal and is one of the most
thermatically efficient IG spacers available today. Super Spacer® reduces sealant
stress while improving heat flow resistance, glass surface temperature, condensation
resistance and sound absorption. Super Spacer® is the only polymer foam, NO-Metal
warm edge spacer.

Finish: The exposed surfaces of all aluminum members shall be clean and free of
serious blemishes, scratches or tool marks. Standard finish is electrostatically
applied acrylic enamel with a 5-stage chromate under-coating conforming to AAMA
603.8 standard. Bronze, White, Black, Green and Beige are standard colors.
Anodized, AAMA 605.2 painted and other architect specified finishes may be
available at additional cost.

Hardware: All fasteners, screws and other miscellaneous fastening devices shall
be of non-corrosive material compatible with aluminum. Balances of appropriate size
and capacity to hold each sash stationary at open position are factory installed.
They meet AAMA 902.2 specification, and are easily replaceable after the window is
installed. Block and Tackle balances are standard. Optional “Ultra-Lift” or spiral
balances at an additional cost.

Screens: Optional half-screens shall have extruded aluminum frames securely
joined at the corners, finish matching the window frame. Screens are of fiberglass
screen cloth 18x16 mesh held into the frame with a vinyl spline. Screens are rewirable
and easily removable by side compression of two springs. WARNING: Insect
screens are intended to provide reasonable insect control, and are not intended to
provide for the retention of objects or persons from the interior. “Child Guard” and
“Vandal” screens available.


  • Ivory
  • White
  • Dark Bronze
  • Hartford Green
  • Black


  • AAMA 2603
  • AAMA 2604 - Superdynapon
  • AAMA 2604 - Kynar
  • AAMA 2605 - Kynar